Ferrari 308 GTS Replica
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Owners cars (Mike)
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ebay (sold Oct 2011)
As more owners come forward and provide details of their pride and joy we will evolve this section to suit. If you wish information on any particular picture, car, owner then please visit the "contact us" page and select most appropriate method of communication.
This is still categorised as "Mike's" car although he sold it to Tony who has made several improvements which can be seen under his own section.
A small selection of pictures taken when the car was purchased and through the ongoing rebuild. Previous owner had the car registered and it was used on the road for a while but when I got it there was a replacement engine (not connected) and it had been neglected for some time. The engine now in the car is a 1.8 Zetec with throttle bodies. Will provide build details and post full set of pics when submitting the build report under "Workshop" - "Build Info"
Previously Mike's car which Tony bought and improved so seemed logical to create this section to show the car as modified by Tony and leave Mike's section intact to show how the car looked before the changes (for those who like to compare things). Some changes are obvious and others subtle. Mike's car looked good but now it's looking so much more like the real thing it's almost scary. I have to say that just looking at the pictures gives a sense of the attention to detail and quality of finish that Tony has put into the car. No doubt he hasn't fiished yet so looking forward to further developments.
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